logoEstablished in January 2007, ITCPN is the biggest channel-oriented publisher network in China.  ITCPN integrates the original contents from ChinaByte, Yesky, CTOCIO and WapYesky, selectively exports the integrated contents to the media partners to build a nationwide IT information communication network.  ITCPN works with media partners in different fields and at different levels such as portal and professional websites, plane media, radio, television, etc, communicating IT information to the broadest “pan-IT” audience in China. 

ITCPN’s partners include MSN, Vnet, Xinhuanet and other top-level portal websites, and,, and other provincial portals, and the local portals in the whole country.  ITCPN’s partners have strong impact in their regions, covering a broad audience from the IT group to the “pan-IT” group.  They can help the clients to rapidly establish the brand image and raise the level of name recognition. 

Business model: 

ITCPN integrates TMG’s original professional IT contents and exports them to various types of media partners in various fields so that the original contents of TMG can reach the broadest audience through partners’ platforms, and at the same time the partners’ content quality can be improved and the marketing value can be multiplied.