logoCTOCIO: (www.ctocio.com.cn) is the biggest IT targeted media in China. CTOCIO’s audience is the high-end group such as corporate CTOs and CIOs, directly influencing the corporate decision-makers for IT purchasing. The unique marketing ideas, quality contents and a high quality database enable CTOCIO to provide extensive Internet products to the users, and therefore received the constant attention and support from the corporate IT professionals. 

For the constantly changing IT market, CTOCIO has set up 19 subsidiary websites for each specific IT technology to meet the information needs of different IT professionals and the market targets of different IT companies, helping the companies to get effective market return.  As the first audience-segmented, targeted and integrated IT Internet media in China, CTOCIO broke the limitation of page view model and accumulated over 420,000 high quality registered users within three years.  It is the biggest database marketing IT website in China.  

The service CTOCIO provides to the clients include classified advertisement, white paper, E-Newsletters/EDM, special topics, Webcast, offline activities and subsidiary website sponsorship, etc.