logoEstablished in March 2003, WapYesky is the only IT professional website with network-wide SP qualification in China.  Relying on the strong Internet platform and user resources of TMG, WapYesky developed various products including SMS, multimedia message, WAP, IVR and wireless games, providing IT information and digital entertainment service to the mobile phone users and PDA mobile terminal users in China. 

In December 2005, WapYesky launched the first IT contents and service-based wireless portal website in China (wap.yesky.com), and was evaluated No. 3 in the category of ‘China top 5 most professional independent WAP sites with excellent news and information” in the voting of “2006 China top 50 most professional excellent independent WAP sites”.  In May 2007, Yesky Wireless and the world-leading mobile phone game developer Ozuar jointly launched a mobile phone league game community – MOSTAR (fun.mostar.com), committed to building the largest mobile phone game community in China and further strengthening WapYesky’s wireless Internet strategy.  


With the network-wide SP qualification, WapYesky provides strong IT information, text, graphics, ring tones and other digital entertainment services to the mobile phone users. 


The biggest mobile phone league game community in China.


In September 2004 WapYesky formally established it’s partnership with China Mobile, and hundreds of mobile phone games had been released since then.

Mobile phone games:

WapYesky has its own mobile phone game developing team which has developed a number of excellent mobile phone games, for examples, Motorcycle Ride, World Cup 2006 Germany, Aoshifengshenzhuan, Rescue, etc.