Established in 2002, 52PKGame.com (www.52pk.com) is a leading internet games media in China, which always plays the leading role in domestic on game-propagation, information, download, and players’ interaction. 52PKGame.com beholds a strong sense of mission for the healthy and high-speed development of Chinese Internet games.


Currently, 52PKGame.com possesses complete and enormous game information systems, providing game information, download, and players’ interaction and keeping the uninterrupted 365-day update services on hundreds of games. The people of 52PKGame.com with the exploration and innovation still dedicate to the development of many kinds of services for game players as well as the navigation column for the industry, so as to authentically promote the development of entertainment industry in China.


Games application should be centered on the game players and we create the game world.


The services include:  

News Information, Game Zone, Download Cluster, New Games Introduction, Community Forum, and ATL & BTL Activities