About us

Tianji Media Group (TMG) is a famous digital media group in China. The company owns sixfamous websites, ChinaByte (www.chinabyte.com), Yesky (www.yesky.com), CTOCIO (www.ctocio.com.cn), IT365 (www.it365.com), 52PK (www.52pk.com) and WapYesky (3g.yesky.com), as well as an IT information communication network, IT UM (www.itcpn.net).

With the media concept of “focus, communication and leading” and the strong resources, TMG provides a full range of interactive IT media content service including information and shopping guide, and integrated,precise, interactive and innovative Internet marketing product service to various precision audience such as the IT business group, IT consumer group, IT engineer group, IT vendor group, IT cell phone group and IT segmented audience group.

The splendid success of TMG today will be impossible without the strong support of the shareholders, which include China Science Media Group, IDG VC, Star Group Limited,Impress Group.

The six websites and IT UM have precise positioning and complementary advantages, and each of them has become a flagship brand in its own field. For the years, outstanding original contents established TMG’s authoritative and professional brand characters and good reputation in the field; the innovative, integrated and interactive marketing service concept makes TMG clients' No. 1 choice for brand image communication, marketing and new business expansion partnership.

Taking “Reporting IT China” as its own mission, ChinaByte provides comprehensive in-depth original reports, industry reviews and authoritative and practical enterprise informationization service to the decision-makers and professionals in the industry.

With the concept of “Leading Digital Life”, Yesky provides IT product application, evaluation, market quotation,shopping guide, software download, interactive community and other contents to the IT product consumers and fans, leading the consumption fashion in computer, digital products and mobile phones.

CTOCIO serves cross-industry high-end technical professionals such as CTOs and CIOs with precise positioning and leading database marketing, having direct impact on the group of people who can influence the decision making of IT product purchasing in government, enterprises and institutions.

Taking “Chinese mainstream IT commercial media” as orientation, IT365.com (www.it365.com) serves for channel departments of IT companies, channel providers and IT products purchasers, provides rofessional and authoritative information as well as abundant, accurate and timely information services and commits itself to building the biggest IT professional media channel and community service platform for IT dealers in China.

52PK.com (www.52pk.com) takes promoting healthy and high-speed development of Chinese network games as its own responsibility to provide comprehensive services such as game promulgation,information, download and players’interaction to the global Chinese web game players, and serves as the communication bridges between manufacturers and players.

WapYesky provides IT information and digital entertainment service to mobile phone, PDA and other mobile terminal users.

ITCPN integrates the original contents from ChinaByte, Yesky, CTOCIO and WapYesky, selectively exports the integrated contents to its media partners to build a nationwide chinnel-oriented publisher network.